The School of Nursing and Midwifery has a library in a separate large building of the campus which provides learning, teaching and research facilities. It was established in 1963. Since 1986, the books are classified according to National Library of Medicine (NLM) and Library of Congress (LC) indexing systems.
The library has printed and electronic resources for students, faculty, and researchers in nursing and midwifery fields. Also, there is access to a wide range of electronic databases and journals (Medline, Ovid, Proquest, Blackwell, Elsevier, IPA, CINAHEL, etc.). Off-campus access is another option for researchers and students. Furthermore, the Library offers a tour for new students to make them familiar with resources. The library personnel provide education for the most effective use of the above-mentioned resources. There is a collection of CDs and software for use by students and faculty. 
In the IT Center, there are 100 terminals for the use of all students.  The users can access local area Network resources and the Internet. They can also print and scan documents easily. In addition, the IT Center offers its services and provides opportunity to the users to learn IT skills.
Books, Journals and Thesis (Latin and Persian) Statistics
  Resources Number
1 Volumes of Latin Books 5092
2 Volumes of Persian Books 7733
3 Titles of Latin Journals 187
4 Titles of Persian Journals 160
5 Latin MSc Dissertations 7
6 Persian MSc Dissertations 728
7 PhD Theses 56
8 Documents 500
9 Electronic Books 735
Personnel and Computers Statistics
1 Library Personnel 7 Librarians
2 IT Center Personnel 2 IT specialists
3 Number of Library Computers 8
4 Number of IT Center Computers 81