Since Our School has a dynamic research culture, we are committed to supporting researchers, and providing opportunities for our students to work with experienced researchers. We are also committed to innovation in research and training. Deputy of Research manages the extensive field of research and studies in the school and supervises and supports research activities of faculty members. Within the School, there is recognized strength in the following key research areas:
Deputy of Research in Nursing and Midwifery School includes several subdivisions including: Office of Research, Library and IT Center, Student Scientific Research Center


The Office of Research is located on the first floor of the school building. The goal of the Office of Research is to facilitate the nursing and midwifery research activity by offering programs and resources to support faculty and staff in the development, submission, conduct and publication of research; and by providing the needed information technology to promote necessary research communication. The Office of Research works in collaboration with educational department to provide a supportive environment for research that includes:
•   Information technology resources and services
•   Statistical, research design and methods consultation services
•   Funding for faculty projects through the Research Committee
•   Assistance and resources in developing research or training
•   Manuscript writing and research methods workshops
•   Program for development of research staff
•   Peer review of faculty proposals
•   Central database of the research activities

•   Assistance with M.Sc. and doctoral students' proposals, manuscripts, presentations
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