Some of our Research Projects




v Impact of prevention osteoporosis educational over knowledge and application among school girl students in Tehran 2007 (abstract)


v Assessing patient privacy and its relationship with patient satisfaction in emergency unit (abstract)


v  A comparative Study On behavior children aged 7-12 in nurse’s team shift work from viewpoint of parents and teachers in Tehran hospitals in 2006 (abstract)


v  Comparative Survey the view of teachers and students about effective factors on teacher evaluation by students in nursing and midwifery school of Tehran University of medical Science, 2005-2006 (abstract)


v  Assessing nurses work quality of life and productivity and their relationship (abstract)


v Phenomenological study of nurses’ night-shift work experiences in Tehran University of Medical Sciences (abstract


v  Evaluating the effects of vitex agnus castus extract on treatment of premenstrual syndrome (abstract)


v  The effects of close tracheal suction system versus open endotracheal suction system on vital sign of patients in ICU  (abstract)


v  A Survey on the Application Quality of Methods to Establish Communication by Medical group with Children (under 3 years old) confined at TUMS hospitals 2006 (abstract)


v  Diet regimes and Exercise efficacy on ovulation of woman with poly cysticovarian syndrome(abstract)


v  Investigation of the Physical, Psychosocial and Behavioral Consequences of Internet Use in Students of Tehran,Shahid Beheshti and Iran Universities of Medical Sciences(abstract)


v  Survey on effectiveness of Osteoporosis prevention education upon selected female group of Tehran high school students(abstract)