Faculty Members English Articles Published in 2013-2014

1The survey of Relation between Assertiveness and critical thinking at Nursing Students, Taghavi T., January 10, 2014
- Comparison of perceptions of nurses and premature infants mothers about mothers needs in intensive care unit, Ahmadi Z., August 4, 2013

- Effect of life skills training on nursing student’s self efficacy,assertiveness, depression and communication, Dehghan Nayeri N., August 23, 2013

- The comparison of effectiveness of training diabetes updates by electronic learning and booklet on knowledge and satisfaction of nurses, Zolfaghari M., October 23, 2013

- Investigating effect of cummin cyminum capsule on dysmenorrhea and menstrual bleeding in IUD users, Modarres M., December 9, 2013

- Effect of incentive spirometry to ventilation of hemodialysis patients, Aliasgharpour M., October 22, 2013

- The effect of acupressure on mproving quality of sleep and fatigue in student with premestrual syndrome, Bastani F., May 14, 2013

- effectiveness of foot reflexology on fatigue and anxiety after cesarean section in mothers with hospitalized preterm neonate in neonatal intensive care unit NICU, Bastani F., May 14, 2013

- Investigating Effect of correcting illness perception on adherence to therapeutic regimen and quality of life in patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome, Zakeri Moghaddam M., April 7, 2013

- Method of forming motivation in the clinical tarinig of nursing student, Parvizy S., August 12, 2013

- Assessing the Effect of lifestyle education based on BASNEF model on nutritional and exercise behaviors in the elderly undercover of health centres in south of Tehran, Roustaei S., November 10, 2013

- Psychometric of a Persian Version of the Long Form of the Pelvic Organ Prolapse/Urinary Incontinence Sexual Questionnaire, Pakgohar M., June 19, 2013

- Relation between quality of life and Sexual function with care-seeking in post menopausal women with urinary incontinence, Pakgohar M., July 23, 2013

- Effect of Oral Red Clover capsul on severity of menopausal symptom, Taavoni S., March 21, 2013

- Assessing corrolation of spiritual health and health-promoting behaviours among nursing students of Tehran university Medical science, Ghiasvandian, S., February 3, 2013


- Comparison of Perforun and omega3 on severity of premenstural syndrome, Kheirkhah M., July 28, 2012 

- Effect of oral Royal jelly on severity of premenstrual syndrome, Taavoni S., March 21, 2013

- Effect of applying Acupressure on Maternal Anxiety and its severity in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Bastani F., January 24, 2013

- Adolescent Health Concerns and Offering Health Care Promotion Strategies: Mixed Methods Study, Bahiraei A., January 20, 2013
Faculty Members English Articles Published 2008-2012

1- Zolfaghari M, Mousavifar SA, Pedram S, Haghani H,. The impact of nurse short message services and telephone follow-ups on diabetic adherence: which on is more effective?.J Clin Nuurs. 2012 jan 13
2- A. Joulaee, M. Kalantari, M. Cadaver, S. Joulaee, N. Bahrani, M. Mangual, SH. Hosseini, GH. Hosseini, GH. Etemadmoghadam,  Trucut biopsy of breast lesions: the first step toward international standards in developing countries. European Journal of Cancer 2012
3- Seyedeh Hamideh Mortazavi, Siavash Khaki, Rayhaneh Moradi, Kazem Heidari, Seyedeh Fatemeh Vasegh Rahimparvar,    Effects of massage therapy and presence of attendant on pain, anxiety and satisfaction during labor, . Published online 21 January 2012
4– Reza Masoudi, Safar ali Esmaeili , leili Rabiel, Jafar Moghadassi, Freidoon Khayri, mohammad Rahimi Madiseh, A group – foundation exercise schedule pm quality of life and well – being in older men and women . Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 5, no 2, Feb 2012
5- Tayebeh Mirzaei, Faremeh Oskouie, Forough Rafii,. Nursing students’ time management, reducing stress and gaining satisfaction: a grounded theory study Nursing and Health Sciences 2012
6 - Health promoting behaviours and social support of women of reproductive age and offering strategies for promoting their health: A mixed methods study, Bahiraei A., August 5, 2012 

7 - Implementation and Evaluation of Evidence Based Nursing Practice based on Iowa Model in Diabetic Foot Patients: Mixed Method Approach, Salsali M., August 22, 2012

8- implementation and development of Clinical Governance Approach for health care quality improvement in the Emergency wards of selected hospital at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Salehi T., May 19, 2012.

8- The effect of retraining course of basic clinical skills befor the beging of internship on nursing students clinical skill, anxiety and self- efficacy during the internship course of education, Ghiasvandian, S., October 17, 2012

9-nursing doctoral Student Experiences related to Belended Learning, Ghiasvandian, S., July 22, 2012

10- Effect of lemon balm, valerian and valerian/lemon balm on menopause womens, sleep disorder in clients whom will be visited in health and cure clinicks of Tehran university of Medical Science  2010, Taavoni, S., May 21, 2012.

11- The effect of self-management program on control and self- efficiency in hypertension patients, Zakeri Moghaddam M., July 31, 2012

12- Tehran University of medical sciences Students perceptions on superior professors characteristics, Ghiasvandian, S., December 30, 2012

13- Evaluating nurses clinical competency in intensive care units on tehran university hospitals, Ghiasvandian, S., May 25, 2012

14- The Effect Of Acupressure On Severity Of Fatigue and Pain Of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Disease in female, Bastani F., Thursday, May 31, 2012

15- Nurses Decisions Factor Affectingto Join or Not to Join Nursing Professional Associations, Dehghan Nayeri N., May 21, 2012

16- Assesment of effectiveness of oral vitamin D3 on bacterial vaginosis in reproductive women, Modarres M., August 10, 2012

17- Survey the Cesarean frequency and related factors in Tehran city Ministry of health and medical education hospitals, Mirmolaee T., February 20, 2012

18- the relationship between sleep quality and preterm delivery in pregnant women, Vasegh F., August 8, 2012

19- The Effect of Telephone Follow up on Pregnancy Outcomes and General Health in Women with Gestational Diabetes, Geranmayeh, M., July 22, 2012 

20- Influence of family centered care program on adherence of therapeutic regime on stroke patient, Dehghan Nayeri N., March 20, 2012

21- Comparison of Massage therapy & Aromatherapy massage done by midwife & study subjects on menopausal symptoms, Taavoni S., May 21, 2012

22- Effect of group education with telephone follow-up on sugar and follow the treatment program in type  diabetic patients referred to diabetes clinic city Khomein, Mohammad Aliha, J., June 21, 2012

23- Evaluating the Effectiveness of Pregnant Women Empowerment Program on Elements of Empowerment and Their Satisfaction of Prenatal Cares, Jahdi F., July 24, 2012

24- Comparision of predictive value of risk Assessment Strategy for Prediction hyperbillirubinemia, transcutaneous billirubinometry by bilicheck and visual assesment of hyperbillirubinemy in neonates in Shahid Akbar Abadi Hospital in Tehran 2011, Kheirkhah M., August 22, 2012

25- The impact of health educational behavior the quality of sleep in the pregnant women, Jahdi F., May 21, 2012

26- The relationship between patient safety indexes with nurse’s work environment and profesional commitment in selected hospitals of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Joolaei S., November 30, 2012

27-The effect of cardiac rehabilitation program on self- efficacy and anxiety among patient with Permanent Pace Maker, Ghiasvandian, S., December 5, 2012

28- The effect of foot reflexology massage on incisional pain in abdominal and chest surgery patients admitted to intensive care units, Mohammad Aliha J., December 21, 2012
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