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The School of Nursing and Midwifery, Tehran University of Medical Sciences is proud of its bright history of more than 70 years in training professional nurses and midwives and now is honored to announce six short courses in “Critical Care Nursing”, “Emergency Nursing Care”, “Nursing Care in Neonatal Intensive Care Units and Pediatric Care Units” , “Maternal and Child Health Care” ," Qualitative Research" and " Health Care Enterpreneurship ".
These courses are tailored to the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students as well as graduated nurses from around the world. These courses will provide opportunities for the student to move from the educational environment to the workforce and for graduated nurses, a broad range of excellent experiences to move from novice to expert. The short courses offered enable the health care provider to build on the professional skills and knowledge in practical settings. 

General Information about the Short Courses

 Course Title



Professional Therapeutic Counseling

2 Week 13 Jan - 26 Jan  2018

Qualitative Research 

2 Week  23 Apr - 9 May 2018

 Critical Care Nursing

1 Week

24 Nov - 30 Nov 2018

 Emergency Nursing Care

1 Week

1 Dec - 7 Dec

 Nursing Care in Neonatal Intensive Care  Units and Pediatric Care Units

1 Week

15 Dec - 21 dec 

 Maternal and Child Health Care

1 Week

22 Dec - 28 Dec 

* You can download the PDF file of details for each course by clicking on  the title of course in above table

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