The international network of integrated care in the nursing group is a scientific network group that is trying to shape the coordinated and integrated care system in challenging and unpredictable health care conditions. Forming the integrated structures in different sections of nursing care is the underlying philosophy of INICN.

The mission of INICN is to unlock community and individual resources in nursing to act at all levels of health system in order to inform decision making by the public, health care professionals, and health policymakers.

Vision: Foster co-production of health by nursing

The International Network of Integrated Care in Nursing (INICN) is an interest group of Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN). To address the need for integrated care, INICN supports rigorous scientific investigation to better understand how these interventions work and for whom, and the optimal methods of funding, practice and delivery of nursing care. INICN supports international and local scientific research and education that create effective networks between nursing care system and other sectors in a coordinated way.

• Unlock Community and Individual Resources in nursing is essential to mobilize the driving forces to act on health
• Foster co-production of health
• Improve accountability and governance
• Integrate research into nursing care
• Re-orienting the model of care