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Psychiatric nursing is a branch of nursing profession that combines nursing theory and practice using principles of interpersonal communication and theories of psychology to carry out a series of activities to serve people with mental illnesses. These activities include: providing an environment which is suitable for treatment, paying attention to the psychosocial aspects of patients, working with patients about issues of life and its challenges, using parental role for education with particular attention to the emotional health of patients, and collaborating with other professionals in the psychiatric team.


Department of psychiatric nursing at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, was established in 1986.

Department of psychiatric nursing aims to train psychiatric nurses who have required skills and competencies to care for vulnerable groups and those affected by psychological disorders as well as their families.
Mission and beliefs: The belief and mission of the department of psychiatric nursing at Tehran School of Nursing and Midwifery, Tehran University of Medical Sciences is to educate and train skilled, competent and committed students to improve the mental health of society by preserving moral values and human dignity. This belief manifests itself in the fields of research, education and clinic.
Research mission: To develop the culture of research in the field of mental health and promote mental health among students.
Educational mission: To empower nursing and midwifery graduates in order to provide nursing services to clients in the areas of care, education and rehabilitation

Clinical mission:
To train efficient nurses capable of delivering psychiatric nursing care to all segments of society at different levels of prevention, and to create positive motivation among students towards the professional psychiatric nursing.
To achieve the aforementioned beliefs, the department of psychological nursing has put the following items in its agenda:
• Creating dynamic and creative learning environment
• Promoting and strengthening theoretical and clinical education
• Continuous scientific management improvement of the members
• Directing research and improving its quality 
• Providing consultancy services to students and school’s personnel
• Providing preventive services to psychiatric patients and their families
• Developing cooperation between the groups and universities
• Institutionalizing the spirit of creativity and innovation

Department of psychiatric nursing in line with the University’s visional document has put the following items on top of its agenda:
• Expanding the knowledge of psychological nursing
• Being a pioneer in psychiatric nursing education
• Taking part in the production of psychiatric nursing knowledge
• Having more interaction with other academic groups and disciplines


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