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Tahereh Mirmolaie
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Midwifery is the health science and the health profession that deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. In Iran, the first midwifery institute was established in the Tehran Women Hospital in 1919. After 10 years in 1929, the first High Institute for Midwifery as one of the branches of School of Medicine was established, that offered 3 year midwifery program leading to degree equivalent qualification. Following the establishment of Tehran University in 1934 and its medical school in 1936, Women Hospital along with its midwifery institute merged with the Tehran University

The Department of Reproductive Health & midwifery started its activities in 1986  in the school of Nursing & Midwiferyand has since admitted students at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels in midwifery education and maternal and child health orientations. The Department admits students for the doctoral level of Reproductive Health and since 2010 has added three new orientations (Management, Forensics Midwifery, and Community-Based Midwifery) to Master’s level orientations.
Educational activities include the establishment of counseling in midwifery, the establishment of a PhD in Community-Based Midwifery, providing journal clubs, guiding and counseling students, holding seminars, workshops, and congresses through Continual National Education, publication of scientific books and papers by the academic staff, and the teaching of theoretical and clinical courses as well as implementing innovation in education.
Research activities include publication of books and papers, adoption and implementation of research projects, partnership in research projects, and innovation and entrepreneurship in research. Executive and service related activities include clinical services (providing midwifery services, developing a tool for clinical evaluation, providing Partograph chart in the delivery room, increasing the facilities of clinical skills center and its further equipment, the compilation of the booklet of clinical skills for undergraduate students of midwifery), scientific services (holding workshops, seminars and festivals), and educational counseling services (educational counseling and dissertation).
The mission of this program is to train committed, competence and knowledgeable midwifery professionals who are able to deliver midwifery services at different levels of prevention to patients independently as members of healthcare team.
In 10 year time, the graduated of this program based on the program’s philosophy and mission, will provide effective midwifery services to patients at the highest professional standard.
Philosophy, values and beliefs:
Since the family is a fundamental component of the society and is the main center for human development, and since women and mothers have a central and decisive role in the family, thus, health and wellbeing of mothers and children and providing healthcare service for them is central in Iran’s health planning programs.
In this educational program, taking into the account that, pregnancy and birth are physiological and normal events in life and the fact that, prevention is more important that cure, it is essential to facilitate normal condition for reproductive events and any abnormality should be carefully identified and treated.
Access to appropriate midwifery services regardless of race, culture, religion, place of residency, political interests, and economic and social statues, is the right of all families.
Graduates of this program have a duty to deliver high standard quality midwifery care to patients and use the results of researcher in accordance with national goals, ethical principles and justice within the area of their responsibilities.

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