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The School of Nursing and Midwifery announces its readiness to provide educational and research services to 20 doctoral students in nursing and reproductive health, as well as master degree students in nursing and midwifery, geriatric nursing and critical care nursing.Currently, five international students from the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Ethiopia and Cameroon are studying at the School’s masters programs. There are also five international students in our PhD programs from Iraq and Ethiopia. Moreover, seven students from Nigeria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Yemen, Jordan and Indonesia will join us in the near future of whom three are doctoral students.

Duties of the Deputy of International Affairs

1- Facilitating the development of international communication with foreign universities, research centers and communities
2- Establishing scientific collaborations with foreign nursing faculties and research institutes
3- Attracting financial support (grants) to promote the scientific abilities of faculty members and students
4- Encouraging faculty members and students’ efforts to develop their scientific communication in the international arena through cooperating in research projects, participating in research visits and sabbatical programs
5- Developing international connections using new communicational tools such as online videoconferences, DLN, etc.
6- Planning and implementing international scientific programs and introducing the achievements and capacities of the faculty
7- Informing students and faculty members about international grants and scientific programs
8- Cooperating with nursing departments and research supervisors in planning short term and long term research visits for students
9- Providing facilities to students and faculty members for presenting their experiences on research visits and congresses in workshops, open sessions, etc.
10- Aiding different departments of the faculty to be able to attract foreign students
11- Creating communication networks and information databases for students and faculty members through creating data bases
12- Introducing scientific liaisons to facilitate scientific relationships
13- Supervising on the quality of research visits, international courses, seminars, and workshops
14- Cooperating with the university’s international affairs office in the process of dispatching students and faculty members to research sabbaticals and other scientific programs
15- Sharing all the activities and programs with the University’s international affairs office;
16- Keeping track of and maintaining continuous communication with students and faculty members who are studying abroad
17- Gathering data and presenting reports on the faculty’s capabilities in the international arena
18- Creating links and cooperating with domestic and international communities such as the Ministry of Health, Nursing Association, and other medical sciences universities
19- Establishing and developing the webpage of the international affairs’ office

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