Deputy Dean's Message

Knowledge is a global issue and only those who are connected to this global movement, can move forward through the frontiers of knowledge. Therefore, maintaining and improving international relations with different countries for the exchange of knowledge, is a necessity. In order to achieve professionalism in the School of Nursing and Midwifery and with respect to the institutionalization of the principle of participation and wisdom at work, the international office has chosen to participate in the international care as a target for its ideal. 
This decision has been made by taking into account the current reality, limited resources, horizons, capabilities, potential and holistic approach in line with the Country and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education as well as Tehran University of Medical Sciences international agenda for the next four-years and of course the Islamic principles and values of the program and the participation of all stakeholders have also been carefully preserved in the decisions. The International Office has also chosen; to have an active presence in the Muslim and neighboring countries such as Yemen, Syria and Iraq as well as the introduction of Iran’s nursing in the region and the world as a nursing model, as some of its main strategies. Development of the international relations is in fact the process of centralizing all aspects of the international affairs which its impact will emerge on the performance of the health system, education, learning and research in the university. 
 The main factors of the  international relations development  include; the internationalization of education programs, exchange of faculty members, various visits, development of international projects, joint research with different countries, internationalization of academic programs, international agreements, understanding  different cultures of the world, establishing a scientific/research relationship commitment between managers, exchange of information, skills and knowledge in different fields and finding financial resources to support research and development projects in various stages of the educational scholarships.We expect the school’s faculty members and students, especially post-graduate students to become active participants of the international activities for the development of academic programs (education, research, health) and, ultimately, the association can play an important role in society’s health promotion. We also believed that in the development of international relations, the emphasis should not only be on providing service to other country’s  faculty members, but rather how the development of international relations will benefit us. For this reason, the principles of the bilateral cooperation and relations must be made according to the priorities of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Deputy Dean for International Affairs