PhD Alumni in  Reproductive Health

UP Date: 2015/27/05

Zahra Shahvari

Development and psychometric evaluation of the Married Women’s Sexual Satisfaction Scale


 Shirin Shahbazi Sighaldeh

Development and Psychometric Evaluation of a Questionnaire to Measure Factors Related to Hookah Smoking Initiation among Women: A Sequential Exploratory Mixed Methods Design


Farzaneh Soltani

Risk & Protective Factors Related to Adolescents Risky Behaviors:  A Mixed Methods Study


 Fatemeh Bakouei

Analysis and Explore of Social Capital and Women’s Health Status:  A Sequential Explanatory Mixed Methods Study

Elham Khoori

Adolescents Health Concerns and Strategies for improving the most common health concern: A Mixed Methods Study

June  2014

Nahid Javadifar

Development and Psychometric Evaluation of an Instrument to Assess the Iranian First-time Mothers’ Experiences of Maternal Role Adaptation


Ashraf Kazemi

Relationship between Life Style and Oxidative Stress in Follicular Fluid
and Laboratory Outcome of Assisted Reproduction in
Isfahan Fertility and Infertility Center


Zeinab Hamzehgardeshi

Adolescent risk behaviors and strategies for improving the most common high-risk behaviors: A mixed methods explanatory sequential study


Mojgan Mirghafourvand

Health-promoting behaviours and social support of women of reproductive age: A mixed methods study