Annemarie Padmos’ Report, a Nursing student in Master of Advanced Nursing Practice (MANP) from Netherland, about Internship in Iran:
For the study Master of Advanced Nursing Practice (MANP) it is required to do an internship abroad.

During the internship it is obligatory for the student to present a lecture in English language.

I arranged an internship in Iran. Because my husband is Iranian. I like Iran a lot and I have been to Iran more often.

Before arrival in Iran, I had contact with: Dr. Seylani (vice-dean of the school of Nursing and Midwifery in Tehran), Dr. Hassanpour (Tehran) and Dr. Namnabati (Esfahan). They helped me to arrange 2 internships: in Tehran and Esfahan.

Dr. Seylani with supervision of Dr. Nikbakht (Dean of the school of Nursing and Midwifery) arranged a VISA invitation and a program for me.

I was warmly welcomed at the Teheran University for Medical Science and at the Medical University of Isfahan in October and November 2019. I am very thankful for all the kindness, friendliness and hospitality I received.

In Tehran I visited the Imam Khomeini educational Hospital and I saw 6 different ICU's, ER's, the pain treatment clinic, dialysis ward, scientific wards for cancer treatment and radiology department on 5 different days. I spoke with nurses and doctors about the healthcare differences and similarities from Iran and the Netherlands, which was very interesting for both sides.

I attended a class for international ICU students and I presented a lecture about the Dutch Flealthcare System and the education for MANP for students and faculty members, which was arranged by Dr. Seylani.

I visited an international pediatric congress under supervision of Dr. Nikbakht and Dr. Hassanpour and I presented a lecture about non-pharmacological pain treatment for pediatrics, which was translated in Farsi and greatly received.

In Esfahan I had a 5 days program under supervision of Dr. Namnabati and Dr. Amoushahi.

I visited 4 different hospitals on different days. I saw different wards for oncology, including a pediatric oncology ward, thalassemia and hemophilia wards, a hospice, a pain clinic and I attended pain treatments in the outpatient clinic and at the operating room with Dr. Razvani. I spoke with nursing students in the AL Zahra Hospital. Also, under supervision of Dr. Amoushahi, I visited some patients with respiratory problems and invasive ventilation at their homes.

Above all this the hospitality I received was heartwarming and exceptional!

I was friendly invited to peoples' houses and into their families, food was presented, drivers were arranged, presents were given, which was all very warm and kind. Thank you so much for your effort to give me a good impression of Iran and especially of the nice and warm Iranian people. I will talk greatly of my time I spend in Iran, as I always do”.

Annemarie Padmos,
Bachelor nurse and Registered Nurse with specialization for ICU and Pain management. Student MANP cohort 2018-2020