Working days: Saturday to Wednesday  
Working hours: 07:30 a.m. to 15:30 p.m. (Tehran +3:30 GMT)  

Dean’s Office

Creating a favorable ground for the implementation of approved rules and regulations by the University and monitoring effective implementation of them. Creating cooperation/coordination among the School’s Vice-Deans and monitoring the performance of Vice-Deans, faculty members, and personnel of the School. Planning, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating and controlling all activities of the School. Continuous monitoring of all processes and undertaking required corrective measures/interventions.   

Dr. Alireza Nikbakht Nasrabadi
Dean of Tehran School of Nursing & midwifery
Tel: (+98 21) 66933600
Fax: (+98 21) 66941668

Receive all coorespondence and follow up tasks and report them to the School’s Dean. Mange and coordinate the time of meeting and appointments with the Dean. Collect required information and documents related to the spicific tasks and activites. Continuse monitoring of all related work processes.

Fariba Masoomi
Dean’s Office manager
Tel: (+98 21) 66933600
Fax: (+98 21) 66941668

International Affirs

Monitoring the activities of the Deputy for International Affairs regarding designated responcibilites. Copperating with School’s different Deputies for effective implementation of the affairs. Requesting budget from the School’s Dean based on the needs of Deputy for International Affairs. Planning, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating and controlling all activities of the Deputy. Continous monitoring of all processes andundertaking required corrective measures/interventions.

Dr. Khatereh Seylani
Vice-Dean for International Affairs
Tel: (+98 21) 66914368

Receive all correspondence, referal of some affairs and report to the Vice-Dean for EducationCorrdinate and organize meeting times. Undertake all typing, faxing information gathering duties. Continuse monitoring of all work processes related to required interventions.

Mrs. Mojdeh Soltani
Office Manager for deputy for international affairs
Tel: (+98 21) 66914368 & Ext:120
Fax:(+98 21) 61054170

Planning qualitative and quantitative development of international cooperation in the form of operational programs. Evaluating the requests of international applicants for study and report it in writing. Guiding, counseling and follow-up requests of international students and participation in student exchange programs. Planning and managing international workshops and meetings. Continuous monitoring of all relevant processes and taking necessary actions

Mrs. Majdabadi
Coordinator of international affairs

Tel: (+98 21) 61054119
Translating all curriculums and documents into English. Cooperating with the school’s departments in relation to international affairs. Translating all news, lectures, speech, video conference, etc (live and virtual). Teaching English language to postgraduate students at different levels. Implementing scholarship sessions and educational mission. Continuous monitoring of all relevant processes and taking necessary actions.

Mr. Parviz Vafa
Expert of International Affairs and Translator
Tel: (+98 21) 61054302

Update the content of school’s website. Communicate with different departments and collect new. Edit and prepare website content. Prganize necessary links. Prepare required materials for website unit. Refelcting the news and activities of the school in websites. Plan, cordiate and implement advertising programs and publication. Scan and review any news regarding the school and health through the TUMS website and news agencies. Monitor all acticities of public relation during conferences, seminars and gatherings. Monitor public relation affairs and updating the processes.

Mrs. Aide Ghavami
Tel: (+98 21) 61054122

Answering and guiding students and teachers on how to undertake research/thesis processes. Review students’ requests and related documents to present in the council. Update students’ requests and existing regulations related to higher education and announce and transfer information related to new rules and regulations approved by university and ministry. Continues monitoring of all work processes related to required interventions. 

Zahra Ebadi
Expert of higher education 
Tel: (+98 21) 61054123      
Managagment of SAMA system and supervised all postgraduate correspondence. Director of educational affairs for PhD students, guest students and short-term foreign scholarship. In charge of educational and research affairs of PhD and MS students, International Campus. Defining educational program on the website in each semester. Evaluating and announcing students' academic status and statistics in each semester and required information from the Bureau of Statistics. Provide guidance to students and professors about research and dissertations and 6-month reports. Responsing to issue related to comprehensive testing and participation in holding coaching sessions.

Reyhaneh Nazari                     
Expert of higher education
Tel: (+98 21) 61054140


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