Department of Reproductive, Pregnancy and Childbirth Health

The Department of Reproductive, Pregnancy and Childbirth Health started its activities in 1986 and has since admitted students at bachelor’s and master’s levels in midwifery education and maternal and child health orientations. The department has admitted students for the doctoral level of reproductive health and since 2010 has added three new orientations (management, forensics and community-based midwifery) to master’s level orientations.
In addition to theoretical education, students receive clinical education at hospitals related to Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Invited academic staff from the faculties of Medicine, Health and Social Sciences may also be used for teaching some courses at any level.
A summary of courses offered in the Department of Reproductive, Pregnancy and Childbirth Health:
• Physiopathology (1-3)
• Research methods
• Research Seminar
• Teaching methods
• Principles of Educational Evaluation
• Counseling and guidance
• Physiology and anatomy
• Basic and advanced statistics
• Women's pathology
• Management of midwifery services

Apart from teaching theoretical and clinical courses, the academic staff members of the department are responsible for supervising and advising students for their dissertations and theses at master’s and doctoral levels.