Department of Pediatric Nursing

The Department of Pediatric Nursing of Tehran University of Medical Sciences offers students more chances of acquiring expertise than other Schools of Nursing all over the country.
The department is also intent on building a strong basis in the science of child care at bachelor’s level.  This program demonstrates strong clinical experience at pediatric hospitals all over the country. Each academic staff member attempts to fulfill the goals of the university and the country’s health map with a strong presence in clinical fields and consistent with educational and research programs. Also, the presence of the academic staff members in the policy making of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education is one of the strong pints of the department.
The virtual presentation of some courses at different levels, the effective cooperation of PhD students in teaching master’s and bachelor’s students and holding specialized courses in research methods, online search and academic paper writing  are worth mentioning.
We are proud to admit competent candidates to the master’s program in pediatric nursing from all over the world.
The department’s programs
A the moment, in addition to offering courses at bachelor’s and master’s programs and participating in the PhD program, short-term programs for the empowerment of nurses in neonatal and pediatric intensive care and pediatric emergency and the new achievements in pediatric nursing are held with the cooperation of the Office of continual Nursing Education of the School of Nursing and Midwifery and the Society of Cardiovascular Nursing by the members of the department at the national level. In the near future, students will be admitted to the master’s program of Pediatric Intensive Care and Emergency Nursing.
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