Discipline of Midwifery Department
The discipline of midwifery includes the five sub-disciplines of midwifery education, maternal and child health, community-based midwifery, forensics and management in midwifery. The department’s activities are in the areas of education, research and providing services.
Educational activities include the establishment of counseling in midwifery, the establishment of a PhD in community-based midwifery, providing journal clubs, guiding and counseling students, holding seminars, workshops and congresses through continual national education, publication of scientific books and papers by the academic staff and the teaching of theoretical and clinical courses, as well as implementing innovation in education.
Research activities include publication of books and papers, adoption and implementation of research projects, partnership in research projects and innovation and entrepreneurship in research.
Executive and service related activities include clinical services (providing midwifery services, developing a tool for clinical evaluation, providing Partograph chart in the delivery room, increasing the facilities of clinical skills center and its further equipment, the compilation of the booklet of clinical skills for undergraduate students of midwifery), scientific services (holding workshops, seminars and festivals), educational counseling services (educational counseling and dissertation).

A summary of courses offered in the master’s program
• Research Methods (2 credits)
• Methods and techniques for teaching and training (2 credits)
• Planning and designing curriculum and evaluating educational systems (2 credits)
• Advice and guidance on midwifery and reproductive Health (2 credits)
• Research Seminar (2 credits)
• Pregnancy, childbirth and new phenomena in midwifery 1 (2 credits)
• Pregnancy and childbirth internship and new phenomena in midwifery (1 credit)
• Pregnancy, childbirth and new phenomena in midwifery 2 (4 credits)
• Women’s diseases and infertility (3 credits)
• Dissertation (6 credits)

A summary of courses offered in bachelor’s program:
• Symptomatology and physical examination (2 credits)
• Psychiatric midwifery (1 credit)
• Pregnancy and childbirth internship, related care and delivery at home (8 credits)
• Women’s diseases and emergencies internship (2 credits)
• Women’s diseases and infertility (3 credits)
• Sexual dysfunction, related education and counseling (1 credit)
• Women’s diseases internship (2 credits)
• Pregnancy, childbirth and related care 1, 2, 3, and 4 (10 Credits)
• Pregnancy and childbirth internship and related care 1, 2 and 3 (5 credits)