The Department of Maternal and Child Health

The Department of Maternal and Child Health started its activities in 1997 independently. The department has academic staff members holding master’s degrees in midwifery. In addition to the teaching of theoretical courses, access to advanced hospitals, rural and civil health centers, health network and health houses has contributed to the formation of an appropriate atmosphere for the clinical training of students. Clinical training in the department is accomplished in health and medical fields with the academic staff members and in hospital and specialized fields of the experts. 
In addition to the training of bachelor’s students, the department trains master’s students in maternal and child health and community health. The department is also in charge of training and educating international students in addition to Iranian students. All courses (theoretical, applied and internship) may be taught both in Persian and in English if needed.
A summary of courses offered in the department of Maternal and Child Health:
• Maternal and child health, family planning (theoretical and internship)
• Health principles and services
• Infants (theoretical and internship)
• Children (theoretical and internship)
• Exceptional Children (theoretical and internship)
• Community health 1, 2 and 3
• Reproductive Health 2